TEDxAarhus challenged speaker candidates

The energy was intense at the TEDx speaker workshop “How to build your own TEDx talk” where speaker candidates had the chance to try out their ideas with different approaches.

Text by Carina Britorn Vestergaard, photo by Jacek Lipka

“The energy and the challenges were good, and the time frames were intimidating. I don’t think, I will look at TED talks the same way again. I will think about the genres from now on,” said Justin Carmien, who participated in the speaker workshop with his topic: meta modernism – a return to romanticism.

DOKK1 in Aarhus set the frames of the workshop held by the TEDxAarhus Curation team on 17 March as part of the preparations for the TEDxAarhus event to be held at Centralværkstedet, 5 October this year. Six women and nine men joined the workshop to try out their ideas in front of a small audience in order to get feedback and new tools.

“It was fun to be challenged in different formats, – both as to audience and to genre-formats.”

Ludvig Muren, (speech topic: radiotherapy of cancer)

First-hand impression is everything

The icebreaker session reminded the participants that first-hand impressions are everything. Especially, when you put yourself up there – on the red spot. The exercise, in short, was for the participants to present themselves and their idea to the next person, and then take over the introduction of the other persons topic, to see if it was easy enough to remember for others. Takeaway: Make people remember your idea!

“Grab their attention, give them something during your speech and leave them with something to remember,”

Theodor, Curation team.

The speeches were shaped according to different genres and delivered with different target groups in mind, and the speakers received feedback on impact, clarity and novelty of their ideas – novelty being one of the main criteria of ideas for TEDxAarhus events – the overall concept being ‘Ideas worth spreading’.

Building the best TEDxAarhus program

Prior to this event, there has been a nomination round with 65 people nominated. In addition to the group of nominated people, the Curation team has also contacted people from the Aarhus area who could potentially be interesting speakers.

During the next couple of weeks, the Curation team will be running interview sessions with the ones who could be interesting to include in the program. And that is what it is all about; creating the most interesting program possible within the concept ‘Ideas worth spreading’.

“The workshop caused a little performance anxiety, but when you have something important to say you just need to jump into it. And with the set frames, it felt very safe. We all got useful feedback, so I definitely saw this as a learning opportunity.”

Signe Hegestand, (Speech topic: psychologic violence and why people stay)