Søren Jakobsen

Søren Jakobsen – Owner of Michelin Star-awarded restaurant Gastromé

Together with his childhood friend William Jørgensen, Søren Jakobsen owns and runs the Michelin Star-awarded restaurant Gastromé in the heart of Aarhus, and the restaurant Det Gamle Mejeri in Mårslet outside of Aarhus.

To Søren, running a restaurant is all about personality. He and William makes it a priority to be visible “on the floor” – being not only chefs, but also hosts for the guests in their restaurants. It is about ensuring that the guests are comfortable and having a good time during their visit. According to Søren, we are going to see more of this personality within the restaurant business in the future – as well as restaurants trying to stick out and be original, instead of just copying what everybody else is doing.

The combination of Gastromé in the town center and Det Gamle Mejeri outside of town makes for an extraordinary restaurant experience. Usually, the good ingredients are found in the country side, while the good chefs are working in the cities. With their two restaurants Søren and William are going to bring the ingredients from out of town into Gastromé, treating guests to a restaurant experience out of the ordinary.

Søren talks to Corey Morris, host of TEDxAarhus 2016, about his love of food, the ideas behind Gastromé and the mysterious Michelin inspectors.


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