Philip Morley

Philip Morley – Founder and Creative Director of Morley

Philip is an British creative living in Aarhus at the moment, after working with advertising all over the world. He describes his job as “helping companies explain what they do, how they do it and why they do it”, and swears by analogous tools for doing it.

He’s also gone through several Edward de Bono lateral thinking courses, proving his creative mindset.

From at a young age wanting to be a pscychiatrist, Philip has always been interested in thinking, and this interest brought him all over the world working with advertising.

Almost always working as a freelancer, he’s not in it for the money – rather he’s doing the thing that he enjoys, and trying to convice others that they need what he has to offer, even if they don’t initially think they want it.

So far, it’s going quite well – Philip has helped industry giants such as Arla and Schulstad communicate their messages. This goes hand in hand with his special interest in the “infrastructure of things”, for instance meaning that with a bakery he works on the level of ingredients rather than bread.

The stories are simply better, and the competition less, because everybody wants to do the more glamourous stuff. This entusiasm has brought him many places and now also to the TEDx stage.

In his talk, Philip encourages us to look for the ordinary things and people that make extraordinary things such as space travel happen – covering outer space, woodpeckers and the Bobs of NASA.


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