Jan Hellesøe
Hypnotist and tv host

Jan Hellesøe is a hypnotist and psychological manipulator, known from the Danish hit tv-show “Fuckr med dn hjrne”.

Initially Jan was drawn to magic as a shy teenager who realized he could get people’s attention without having to talk too much. Today he is focusing mainly on manipulation and hypnosis.

To Jan, the human mind is an interesting place. Overall his work has taught him that people actually want to be deceieved. He is using techniques that everybody can learn – even if he has of course become increasingly skilled – but people want to believe that there’s something supernatural going on.

Personally Jan is skeptical towards the supernatural. He emphasizes the importance of taking a critical stance towards e.g. clairvoyance, which, to him, is just other ways of manipulation.

Even if the word ‘manipulation’ has a negative vibe to it, to Jan it’s not solely something negative. Manipulation is also something that we do all the time, e.g. when we smile at other people. Jan quotes his hypnosis-mentor for saying that hypnotists don’t hypnotize people, but rather de-hypnotize them – they have already hypnotized themselves.

Hypnosis is Jan’s main field of interest. Scientifically we still know very little about the phenomenon, and that fascinates him. One day he would like to help researchers working with hypnosis, ultimately helping us understand the human mind better.

At TEDxAarhus 2017 Jan is going to talk about the responsibility that comes with the power to truly influence what another person feels and does.

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