Jacob Sherson

Founder of ScienceAtHome and Associate Professor of Quantum Physics at Aarhus University.

Jacob Sherson is the founder of ScienceAtHome, a Citizen Science project based in Aarhus University. Citizen Science is science propelled by regular people – at ScienceAtHome this happens via computer games, where players help Jacob and his team solve complex scientific problems.

In 2017 Jacob won the Danish Resarch Communication Prize, for his effort in communicating advanced physics research to the general public. Through the games Jacob tries to narrow the gap between scientists and the average Dane, presenting people to complex science in a fun way.

Quantum physics is complex and weird, but Jacob’s hope is that people will become able to accept this – instead of letting it scare them off – from playing his games.

Apart from narrowing the gap between science and everyday life, the ScienceAtHome games also contribute to solving complex scientific problems. The human mind has ways of working, that the computers of today cannot imitate, and these skills are what Jacob and his team want to utilize in their research.

As we are getting used to the machines taking over the lead in the “man vs. machine” battle, Jacob’s research show that there is still somethings that humans can do, but the computers can’t.

In his talk, Jacob invites us into the strange world of quantum physics, and explains how computer games can make normal people able to solve quantum research challenges better than skilled physicists and super computers.


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