David Erritsøe

Medical Doctor and Clinical Psychiatrist

David Erritzøe is a Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial College London, and does research in using psychedelics for clinical psychiatrical purposes.

Due to the history of psychedelics, the subject of David and his team seems a bit controversial. But the research area is blossoming, and the interest in the field is higher than it has been in many years.

According to David, the psychedelic substances’ status as illegal drugs is stemming from a time during which the use of them were highly politicized, and some researchers did questionable and scandalous experiments. But the world has changed since then.

Today, David and his colleagues take a lot of precautionary measures in their experiments, including surveillance of each patient by specially trained personel. And generally, researchers know a lot more about the effects of the substances, than they did before.

To David, there is no moral dilemma in researching – and ultimately promoting –  substances which are classified as illegal. On the contrary, he finds it unethical, if somebodry tries to hinder the development and progress within the field – as psychedelics hold the potential to help a lot of people.

In his talk, David introduces us to psychedelics and to his research on how they might be a key to solve the problems with mental illness.