Christian Knudsen

Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen – Systems Engineer and Mars One Colonist candidate

Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen is the only Dane left within the 100 candidates from aroundt the world, wanting to participate in the Mars One mission. Mars One is a Dutch non-profit, aiming to construct a human settlement on Mars with the first colonists leaving Earth in 2026.

After entering the selection process, and meeting some of the other candidates, Christian rejects the common prejudice that the people wanting to leave Earth are depressed souls, just looking for a spectacular way to end their lives. On the contrary, Mars One is all about transcending one’s own emotional life for a greater good. Christian himself wants to give something back to the society which has given him so much, ultimately helping humanity move forward.

Even if he is potentially going to Mars, Christian didn’t dream of becoming an austronaut as a child. Back then he was fascinated with the past, wanting to be a paleontologist. And it was by a pure coincidence that he learned about the Mars One programme – he simply just clicked on a randon internet link, and had his curiosity stimulated.

Now he might be going to Mars. The planet that most researchers agree is our best bet for a plan B for humanity – the plan B that we will need not if, but when, the resources of Earth will not longer be enough to sustain human life. That is some kind of a responsibility to bear.

In his talk Christian presents the Mars One Programme, and elaborates on his personal motivation – along with some sustainability perspectives – for going to Mars.


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