Camilla Kring

Camilla Kring – Founder of the B-Society and Super Navigators

Camilla Kring is the founder of Super Navigators ApS and the B-Society. Based on her PhD research in work-life balance, she founded the consulting company Super Navigators ApS. Since then, she has spent the last 12 years applying her PhD research in practice in various organizations worldwide. Her mission is to make companies more attractive by increasing the work-life balance satisfaction of their employees. Furthermore in 2006, Camilla founded the B-Society.

The mission of the B-Society is to increase the quality of life and productivity of B-persons by creating later starting times in schools and workplaces. The B-Society has members in 50 countries.

Camilla points to the fact that the structures surrounding our work life has not kept up with the general devlopment of our society – even if growing part of the economy is today revolving around knowledge and creativity, our work life is taylored to a society in which most people were farmers and industrial workers. In order to secure wealth and prosperity, we thus need to change our work life to fit the changing socital conditions.

Even if the primary focus for Camilla is our work life, this is not the only area in which B-persons are challenged by contemporary society. As a conseqeunce of the idea of a work day lasting from 8am to 4pm, the broader societal structures around the family life is taylored to this model, even if our family life is also changing, with more people living in families differing from the traditional form.

Furthermore, in a world which is becoming ever more complex, and with more and more choices opening up to the individual, it is important to maintain spaces for individual time – time for securing our foundation for meeting the world – and a more flexible society would also aid that.

Our societies prize early risers (A-persons) – but most of us are late risers (B-persons). In her talk, Camilla challenges the 9 to 5 society and introduces the B-society – a more flexible society that also supports B-persons.


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