Camilla Hessellund

Camilla Hessellund Lastein started working on Lix in 2013, after deciding to quit her university studies in business economics, to be able to spend all her time on the project.

Lix is a marketplace for digital textbooks – think spotify for textbooks – and the idea evolved out of Camilla’s frustration with carrying heavy and expensive textbooks around during her time at university. Today Camilla and Lix are ready to take on international markets, after recieving a double-digits million investment – so the adventure of Lix has only just begun.

Camilla’s best advice to anyone wanting to start a business, is to use their network, and then just do it! Personally, she tries to visualize the worst possible outcome, decides if she will be able to live with that – and if she will, then there’s no turning back. Even if she has sometimes been frowned upon for being quite a young girl wanting to start a business, her hard work and persistence has in the long run brought great results.

But Camilla also emphazises that there’s no easy way to start a business. She has been sleeping on friends’ couches, moving back with her mom, and giving up on spending time with friends and family, to get where she is now. This calls for a strong support base and network, and this relationship is part of what Camilla reflects on in her TEDxAarhus talk.

In her talk Camilla challenges us to think about what people will say about us when we die, and to look at our hierarchies of priorities.