Move Copenhagen

Andreas Tang-Brock and Bradley Duling – Move Copenhagen

Move Copenhagen is a yearly festival focusing on playful movement and diversity. The festival is hosting workshops in smaller and more “urban” types of movement, compared to traditional sports. This includes e.g. slacklining, acroyoga and parkour.

The aim is to make people’s lives better, by challenging them to move more and in new ways. It’s about passing on the joy of movement, that the instructors feel themselves. Both Andreas and Bradley are experienced slackliners.

The festival is community driven, and values co-creation highly. As the types of movement at the festival are still quite young (at least in Danish standards), the room for influence is quite big. Furthermore, the festival has an international and sustainable profile.

Move Copenhagen was made from sheer entusiasm, but now the persons behind it are sharing their experiences and insights with interested people across Europe.

The credo of the festival is “Move, Play, Explore, Inspire”. It’s all about moving, playing, exploring the unknown, and inspiring others. The competitive element of sports is replaced by curiosity and generousity towards each other, creating a welcoming world based on fun and fascination.

In their talk, Andreas and Bradley inspire us to incorporate playful movement into our everyday lives – to make them better and more fun.


Move Copenhagen