A TEDx event is comprised of a number of speakers who present their ideas and stories in a unique and entertaining way for 18 minutes or less. We at TEDxAarhus (an every other TEDx in the world) swear by the following rules:

  1. TEDx events must be cross-disciplinary.
  2. Every TEDx event must have a separate license.
  3. TEDx events can only be 1-day in length.
  4. Only events where the Primary Licensee has attended TED can have over 100 attendees.
  5. You cannot charge more than $100 for tickets, and then only with TED’s approval.
  6. TEDx event names must be location-based. And only of a city, neighborhood or street, not a region, state, country or continent. Names co-branded with organizations, non-profts and NGOs are not allowed. TEDx doesn’t co-brand with other conferences or seminars.
  7. Always position your self as an independently organized TEDx event. Clarify this with use of the correct logo and language.
  8. The TEDx event format is: the TEDx intro video, a session/s of talks under 18 minutes, along with 25% content of videos from TED.com, with breaks in between. No panels, workshops or Q & A.
  9. TEDx events must stand alone, and can never be co-branded or associated with another organization. Companies can only interact with TEDx events as sponsors.
  10. No sponsors are allowed on stage. Sponsors cannot influence your program.
  11. The official TEDx Intro Video featuring TED Curator Chris Anderson must be played at the beginning of your event.
  12. TEDx speakers must must tell a story and argue for an idea using credible proof. They may not use the TED stage to sell products, promote themselves, or advance notions that cannot be defended with well-founded evidence.