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We are looking for organizers to be a part of the TEDxAarhus 2018 organizing team! We need highly engaged people with lots of enthusiasm, initiative, volunteer team spirit and both TED and Aarhus in their hearts.

The teams are: 

  • Marketing and Design
  • Business Relations
  • Finance
  • Curators
  • Event
  • TechSupport

If you have general questions about being a TEDx organizer, please contact our Lead Organizer René at 25 29 65 63.

Read about the specific groups below, to find out which one you would like to apply for.

Marketing and Design

Do you have ideas as to how to spread the word of TEDxAarhus, so that everyone in Aarhus knows who we are, what we do, and why they should attend the TEDxAarhus event?

Or can you design a strong visual identity for TEDxAarhus2018?

We are looking for people who are skilled within (or would like to learn): content and social media marketing, web development and communication as well as people who are great photographers or graphical designers.

If you have questions about work in the Marketing and Design Group, please contact Head of Marketing and Design, Nina, at 60 60 66 69.


Business Relations

Are you good at forming relations? Are you a natural great networker? Can you make a pitch that slays? Do you want to take part in co-creating partnerships with the coolest companies in Aarhus  – and securing the financial foundation of next year’s event?

The BR Group is in charge in charge of finding sponsors and building valuable partnerships – for both TEDxAarhus and the partners.

If you have questions about the work in the BR and Finance Group, please contact Head of BR and Finance, Kasper, at 50 85 22 15.


We are looking for someone to be the financial backbone of the TEDxAarhus Organisation. Are you good at project management, drafting budgets, making financial statements etc.?  We need a person with accounting and book keeping skills or the willingness to develop them.

If you have questions about the Finance Group, please contact Lead Organizer, René, 25 29 65 63.


Do you have visions for the program of TEDxAarhus 2018? Are you a dead-serious TED talk enthusiast? Do you love discussing talks, themes and topics?

The curators put together the speaker program of TEDxAarhus. They are in charge of the whole process of finding speakers and performers all the way from handling the speaker nominations to rehearsing and coaching the talks.

If you have questions about the work in the Curation Group, please contact Co-Head of Curators, Anne at 22 47 47 98.


Do you have what it takes to plan and run a kick-ass event that will inspire 800 people? Do you have the creative flair to bring great ideas to life and create memorable experiences for our guests?

Think you could dream up and build an awesome stage design?  Or are you just one of these people that can make s*** happen?

If you love collaborating and working as part of a team, then we want to hear from you. We are looking for planners, organizers, creatives, ideas people and all round go-doers to make next years event one to truly remember.

If you have questions about the work in the Event Group, please contact Head of Event Managers, Heine at 61 10 78 21.

Do you feel like you don’t really belong in any of the groups , but that you could really contribute to the TEDxAarhus experience? Feel free to send us an application anyway! We can always use enthusiastic people!


  1. Why do you want to be a part of the team?
  2. What can you contribute with at TEDxAarhus?
  3. What does your week look like and how does TEDxAarhus fit in?
  4. What makes TED special to you?

                          You could talk about:

                          What do you know about TED and TEDx

                          Why is TED different from other conferences?

                          Examples where a TED talk has made an impact on your life

Send a link to your video along with your resumé to no later than 23.59 on November 23rd. Please write Application TEDxAarhus 2018 // *group*” in the subject field. Please also let us know if you have aspirations as a ‘Head of’ in the group you are applying for.