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2019 Speakers

Emma Elisabeth Holtet: [Re]invent


Slam Poetry is a brilliant performance format for a restless individual – within each short performance, you can be whoever you want to be. Emma Elisabeth Holtet is reigning “Aarhus Poetry Slam Champion” and winner of this year’s “English Poetry Slam Copenhagen Cup”. Furthermore she is a trained performer from The London School of Dramatic Arts, and Bachelor of Arts from Copenhagen University.

Watch Emma’s talk, titled “Shakespeare and Slam Poetry – the power of recreating”.


Andreas Hougaard Laustsen: [Re]imagine


An award winning engineer and researcher, Andreas Hougaard Laustsen has developed human antibodies against toxins from venomous snakes by using modern biotechnological methods. This technology could potentially help save 5 million people who are bitten by snakes every year. It’s the first antibodies against toxins from the black mamba.

Watch Andreas’ talk, titled “Saving lives and limbs with better antivenoms”.


Vana Orfanou: [Re]connect


The value of history and archaeology is not just knowledge about the past through written and material tracks. It’s also a great source for empathy and understanding for other human beings. “The past is most useful to us today because it offers a great mental exercise of relating to people that are not our friends and family, of embracing cultural diversity through the only form of time-travel available to us today.”

Watch Vana’s talk, titled “3 lies and 1 truth about the past”.


Casper Schmidt: [Re]define


Based on his neuroscientific research, Casper Schmidt established early neurobiological markers of porn addiction – which in 2018 led to its inclusion in the World Health Organization’s list of diseases, opening new doors for treatment of this group of individuals. Casper finished his PhD in Clinical Neuroscience in the summer of 2019 and now works as an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology at Aalborg University.

Watch Casper’s talk, titled “Why it’s important to recognise compulsive sexual behavior disorder”.


Cecilie Mai Sommer: [Re]consider


Cecilie suffers from OCD, anxiety and Borderline personality disorder, and has been seeing 12 different psychologists. Currently, she is on sick leave from her bachelor studies at Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. “I’ve been mentally ill for as long as I remember. One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that I can change people’s opinions by explaining and being open about my disorders.”

Watch Cecilie’s talk, titled “How our prejudices can hold us back”.


Brice Johnson: [Re]trace

Dance Coach

Brice Johnson, Co-founder and member of The Hood Lockers (dance crew based out of Philadelphia, PA), has been teaching and performing on stages, film, studios and television across the globe for 15 years.  “Through dance we can learn to overcome inner obstacles and limitations that hold us back. The tools used to develop and be expressive and confident in dance can be used in our everyday lives.”

Watch Brice’s talk, titled “We dance how we live”.


Signe M. Hegestand: [Re]late


Signe M. Hegestand is an authorized Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor. In her work, she has been focusing on psychologically abusive relations for the last 5 years, because – as she says: “psychological violence is overlooked, destructive and destroying”. In the autumn she will be publishing a book about moving on after a psychologically violent relationship.

Watch Signe’s talk, titled “Psychological abuse – caught in harmful relationships”.


Ludvig Muren: [Re]search

Medical Physicist

Ludvig Muren is Professor at the Dept. of Medical Physics and the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, Aarhus University/Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. “As a physicist working on a very hard problem, how to cure patients from cancer, I want to share my fascination of how understanding physics can be used in such a meaningful way as to treat cancer.”

Watch Ludvig’s talk, titled “How physics is important in treating cancer”.


Maria Herholdt Engermann: [Re]ality

VR Creator

Virtual reality (VR) can be so much more than just fun and entertainment. It can be a powerful tool to create empathy within people and explain complex situations like climate issues. Maria has a background within filmmaking and has been specializing in VR storytelling for the last 4 years. She is now the proud owner of her own VR company based in Aarhus.

Watch Maria’s talk, titled “Can empathy in virtual reality change consumer habits?”.

Sara Andersson: [Re]design


Many products and services that we use in our everyday lives are conceived and designed under the rules of Human-Centered design. This approach to design puts the prospective users’ needs and wants front and center, in order to conceive relevant, convenient and comfortable solutions. But today, design can and needs to do more.

Watch Sara’s talk, titled “Redesigning design – towards a future that works for all”.

Steffen Rasmussen: [Re]shape

Social Entrepreneur

In 2018 Steffen started Centre for Social Rethinking to do research on why our current efforts to help marginalised people don’t seem to resolve the issues these people face.“I have seen hundreds of people gain more issues and problems from the system we have built to help them. I have seen employees become sick from stress. I have seen Denmark build the most expensive employment system in the world, without equivalent results.”

Watch Steffen’s talk, titled “Solving social benefits”.


2019 Performers



Forward-thinking Danish electro-soul-R&B artist Fjer will be showcasing her talent on the TEDxAarhus stage. Fjer is the moniker of Maja Barløse. As a rare triple-threat singer/songwriter/producer, she wields a command of high-caliber songwriting and has a distinctive voice that is both airy and soulful. Get a taste of her style here.


Liza & Dima


Elizabett (Liza) and Dimitar (Dima) both took up ballroom dancing at age of six, and have achieved many outstanding results since then. Elizabett has been Estonian champion two times and Dimitar is 3 times Bulgarian Champion. As a team they have become aware of how people can work effectively together towards a common goal.


2019 Host

Barbara Balfour

TV host, producer, public speaker, and journalist

Barbara’s work has taken her to more than 40 countries and provided opportunities such as interpreting for Mikhail Gorbachev’s entourage, filming a documentary in Georgia, and interviewing Noam Chomsky. Among other things, she speaks fluent French and Russian, and is thrilled to host TEDxAarhus 2019 and guide you through the program on October 5.