TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Casper Schmidt

Based on his neuroscientific research, Casper Schmidt established early neurobiological markers of porn addiction - which in June 2018 led to its inclusion in the World Health Organization's list of diseases, opening new doors for treatment of this group of individuals. Casper finished his PhD in Clinical Neuroscience in the… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Vana Orfanou

The value of history and archaeology is not just knowledge about the past through written and material tracks. It’s also a great source for empathy and understanding for other human beings. In a society facing major changes, Vana Orfanou argues that using knowledge about the past in the right way… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Andreas Hougaard Laustsen

An award winning engineer and researcher, Andreas Hougaard Laustsen has developed human antibodies against toxins from venomous snakes by using modern biotechnological methods. It’s the first antibodies against toxins from the black mamba. Andreas will talk about how he has developed human antibodies against toxins from venomous snakes. This technology… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Emma Elisabeth Holtet

TEDxAarhus was thrilled to announce the first speaker for TEDxAarhus 2019: [re]*: Emma Elisabeth Holtet, reigning “Aarhus Poetry Slam Champion” and winner of this year’s “English Poetry Slam Copenhagen Cup". Emma is a trained performer from The London School of Dramatic Arts, and Bachelor of Arts from Copenhagen University. Are… Read More

Bigger Than Us Broadcast

An exclusive screening of some of the best talks from TED’s major annual conference held in Vancouver attracted a large crowd of people to Tir Na Noq, The Merchant Room in Aarhus By Carina Britorn Vestergaard The pre-event, which was the first of its kind before this year’s TEDxAarhus, started… Read More

Join us for the highlights of TED2019 Bigger Than Us

TEDxAarhus is excited to bring TED2019 Bigger Than Us to Tir Na Nog, The Merchant Room in Aarhus to an exclusive screening of a collection of the best talks from TED's major annual conference held in Vancouver. The TED Conference is at the heart of TED. This is your chance… Read More

Fatima’s talk is now on TED.com

Fatima AlZahra’a Alatraktchis talk on bacteria’s secret communication at TEDxAarhus 2018 has now been included in the popular TED Talks on TED.com. This helps spread the news about the ground-breaking research on early detection of bacterial infections become internationally.   By Carina Britorn Vestergaard, photo by Daiki Miyanabe Bacteria are… Read More

TEDxAarhus challenged speaker candidates

The energy was intense at the TEDx speaker workshop “How to build your own TEDx talk” where speaker candidates had the chance to try out their ideas with different approaches. Text by Carina Britorn Vestergaard, photo by Jacek Lipka “The energy and the challenges were good, and the time frames… Read More

Free speaker workshop on March 17

Registration for the speaker workshop is closed. Are you an aspiring Public Speaker? Would you like to improve your presentation skills? Perhaps become a TEDx-speaker? The Curation Team behind TEDxAarhus is offering potential speakers the chance to join our free speaker workshop!   Come along and give a 3-minute talk to… Read More

We don’t know who we are looking for

Edit: Speaker nominations are now closed.   At TEDxAarhus, when it comes to attracting speakers we don’t know who we are looking for. What we do know however is…. x There is no such thing as a typical TEDx speaker. x There is no cookie-cutter mould. x No magic formula.… Read More