TEDxAarhus 2019 Performer: Fjer

Did you know that a TEDxAarhus event also comes with performances? This year forward-thinking Danish electro-soul-R&B artist Fjer will be showcasing her talent on the TEDxAarhus stage. Fjer is the moniker of Maja Barløse. As a rare triple-threat singer/songwriter/producer, she wields a command of high-caliber songwriting and has a distinctive… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 Host: Barbara Balfour

We are super excited to announce the host for TEDxAarhus 2019: Canadian TV host, producer, public speaker, and journalist Barbara Balfour. Barbara’s work has taken her to more than 40 countries and provided opportunities such as interpreting for Mikhail Gorbachev’s entourage, filming a documentary in Georgia, and interviewing Noam Chomsky.… Read More

TEDx Walks – Free event on August 31

13 talks x 13 locations x 5 minutes TEDxAarhus jumps off the stage and into the streets of Aarhus for a series of mini (5min!) live TEDx talks popping up in unusual spaces and much-loved places across the city in a FREE event on August 31, ahead of TEDxAarhus 2019:… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Steffen Rasmussen

Since Steffen was a kid, seeing people who were lonely, drunk or having a difficult time in the streets affected him deeply. He has been politically active since the age of 15, and after travelling the West Bank of Palestine and walking the Camino, the work with marginalised and homeless… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Sara Andersson

Many products and services that we use in our everyday lives are conceived and designed under the rules of Human-Centered design. This is an approach to design that puts the prospective users’ needs and wants front and center, in order to conceive relevant, convenient and comfortable solutions. But today, design… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Maria Herholdt Engermann

Virtual reality (VR) can be so much more than just fun and entertainment. It can be a powerful tool to create empathy within people and explain complex situations like climate issues. Maria has a background within filmmaking and has been specializing in VR storytelling for the last 4 years. She… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Ludvig Muren

Ludvig Muren is Professor at the Dept. of Medical Physics and the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, Aarhus University/Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. In 2009 he received the Young Elite Scientist Award from the Danish Medical Research Council. During his career he has acquired full funding for 28 PhD/postdoc projects -… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Signe M. Hegestand

Signe M. Hegestand is an authorized Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor. In her work, she has been focusing on psychologically abusive relations for the last 5 years, because – as she says: “psychological violence is overlooked, destructive and destroying”. In the autumn she will be publishing a book about moving… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Brice Johnson

Brice Johnson, Co-founder and member of The Hood Lockers (dance crew based out of Philadelphia, PA), has been teaching and performing on stages, film, studios and television across the globe for 15 years. Brice is from USA and currently living in Denmark where he has danced for Christopher. In the… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Cecilie Mai Sommer

Cecilie Mai Sommer suffers from OCD, anxiety and Borderline personality disorder, and has been seeing 12 different psychologists. Currently, she is on sick leave from her bachelor studies at Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. “I've been mentally ill for as long as I remember. Besides struggling my own battles due to… Read More