Past speakers – Interview with Sara Andersson

By Julie Dahlgren Korr, Communication Organizer, TEDxAarhus. Photos by Astrid Collin. Sara Andersson was one of the 11 inspiring speakers who took to our stage to share ideas worth spreading at TEDxAarhus 2019. Sara is an award-winning designer and innovation consultant at Center for Innovation in Aarhus. In her work… Read More

Inspiring Sustainability at TEDxAarhus

By Thea Tukjær, Head of Sustainability, TEDxAarhus TEDxAarhus is all about Ideas Worth Spreading. We believe in ideas as a way to change the world - even if only to make it slightly better, - to connect people and to promote human togetherness and understanding.  The obvious way in which… Read More

TEDxAarhusSalon: Turning Points

Wednesday, May 13th @ 20:00-21.00FREE entry on Livestorm• SOLD OUT • Our Salon theme is Turning Points, an event that will focus on positivity, connection, and reflection during this uncertain period we’re all experiencing. Our social-distancing-approved online Salon will be held on Livestorm and will feature new recorded talks from… Read More

Past speakers – Interview with Signe M. Hegestand

Signe M. Hegestand was one of the 11 inspiring speakers who took to our stage to share ideas worth spreading at TEDxAarhus 2019.  She is an authorized Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor. In her work, she has been focusing on psychologically abusive relations for the last 5 years, because –… Read More

The story behind TEDxAarhus

TEDxVennelystBlvd Have you ever wondered what the ‘x’ in TEDx is all about? Most people know the logo and have heard about the concept, but what is TEDx really all about? And how did it start in Aarhus? By Julie Dahlgren Korr, photos by Sugar Cube Studios. In the spirit… Read More

Apply to become a speaker at TEDxAarhus

THEME AND SPEAKERS TO BE ANNOUNCED Speaking at TEDxAarhus Great ideas should be shared with the world!If you have an idea worth spreading, or you know someone who does, you can now apply to become a speaker at TEDxAarhus. As a speaker at TEDxAarhus you will get up to 18… Read More

TEDxAarhusSalon: Switched On: A Sustainable Future

❌ TEDxAarhus invites you to our next Salon event! ❌ TEDxAarhusSalons are fun, informal and free entry evenings where we’ll watch some TED Talks and embark in lively discussions over drinks. This month’s Salon theme is Switched On: A Sustainable Future. We take a look at all things energy ⚡… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 podcasters: You’ve Got 5 Options

"You've Got 5 Options: More than a Radio" will be recording two podcast episodes at TEDxAarhus 2019! The podcasters of You've Got 5 Options are joining TEDxAarhus 2019 to record two very special programs: "TEDx Aarhus Speakers: Behind the scenes" and "TEDx Aarhus: Who does it and for whom?!". Anna… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 DJ: Morten

The Count will be spinning records at our TEDxAarhus 2019 event! During TEDxAarhus 2019, Morten (aka. The Count) will be providing some sweet tunes to keep the TEDx spirit going. Morten is an established DJ who has - among other things - performed at Sensation, and who was awarded DJ… Read More

TEDxAarhus 2019 performers: Liza & Dima

We are excited to announce our second performing act for TEDxAarhus 2019, dancers Elizabett and Dimitar. Elizabett and Dimitar both took up ballroom dancing at age of six, and have achieved many outstanding results since then. Elizabett has been Estonian champion two times and Dimitar is 3 times Bulgarian Champion.… Read More