Ideas from Aarhus – Vol. I: A Tale of Sustainable Crutches

From left to right: Kasper Tindbaek, Mads Reinholdt, Mathias Snejstrup and Morten Keil. Photo by Greg McQueen Written by: Emma Elisabeth Holtet   This is the first article in the series entitled “Ideas from Aarhus”. Here we will present interviews with the creators of innovative ideas that have the potential to affect, not only Aarhus, but [...]

Interview with Greg McQueen – The Lead Photographer of TEDxAarhus 2016

Greg McQueen is the lead photographer of TEDxAarhus 2016. He moved to Aarhus in 2000 from England, following his wife, who is a Dane, after few years of being in a long distance relationship. Greg works at Business Academy Aarhus and IT Forum as an in-house photographer. Besides that, he is also self-employed as a [...]

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