We don’t know who we are looking for

Edit: Speaker nominations are now closed.


At TEDxAarhus, when it comes to attracting speakers we don’t know who we are looking for.

What we do know however is….

x There is no such thing as a typical TEDx speaker.

x There is no cookie-cutter mould.

x No magic formula.

x TEDx speakers are no particular age, no particular background.

x Being a TEDx speaker has nothing to do with educational background, wealth or privilege.

x Some TEDx speakers are accomplished at talking to an audience.

x Others have never spoken publicly before.

x But each TEDx speaker has one thing in common with all the others.

x An idea worth spreading.

x A way of looking at the world, or some aspect of it, that compels an audience to reconsider their perspective.

x Or even develop a perspective in the first place.

x The subject can be awe-inspiring, epic or mundane.

x What’s important is how the speaker ignites the imagination of the viewer.

x Anyone can have an idea.

x TEDx speakers have ideas worth spreading.

Do you?


Call for speakers

TEDxAarhus is successful because of the quality of the speakers it attracts.

Every year, the challenge is on to find people from all walks of life who can ignite the imagination of an audience and  be the star of a TEDx video that will be shared with viewers across the globe.

Now we are looking for speakers for TEDxAarhus 2019 on October 5.

This is where you come in. You are our eyes and ears.