Tinna C. Nielsen is speaking at TEDxAarhus 2017!

Anthropologist and Global Change Maker

At TEDxAarhus 2017 Tinna challenged us to think differently about how we perceive persons and situations, and showed us how we can contribute to creating a more inclusive world – by stepping out of our comfort zones and into the wild.

Tinna C. Nielsen is an anthropologist and Global Change Maker, pioneering innovative approaches for practitioners to accelerate inclusiveness, equality, and gender parity in their sphere of influence.

She is founder of the non-profit change-organisation Move the Elephant for Inclusiveness, Co-Founder of the non-profit Global Inclusion Nudges Initiative, and Co-Author of the Annual Inclusion Nudges Guidebook.

Furthermore she is former Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity in a multinational corporation. Tinna is also World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2015-21 and co-chair of the Global Future Council for Behavioural Science.

Tinna is a strategic partner for inclusiveness and gender parity at the United Nations, and she is partnering with organisations, practitioners, and social entrepreneurs worldwide.

At our first speaker workshop on June 25th, we interviewed Tinna. Check out the two parts of the interview below.

What are you going to talk about in your TEDx talk?

How we can redesign our workplaces and communities to be more inclusive, by applying behavioural insights and connect the dots in new ways.

What can people take with them when they have seen your talk?

They will start thinking differently about how they perceive people and situations. They will have practical enablers to outsmart their own unconscious mind, and to contribute to more inclusive interactions and decision-making in their sphere of influence.

What does “Into the Wild” mean to you?

Stepping out of my comfort zone, daring to jump into uncertainty to find innovative solutions to complex situations, experimenting with new approaches in real life settings, and finding the courage to learn from my mistakes.

How do you connect your talk to the theme?

I share personal examples of stepping into the wild, and I share practical examples of how everyone can step into the wild to make more impact and a better world – without the wild having to be a wild ride.

What is your favorite TED talk and why?

Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability and shame, because it’s about healing people by allowing them to be human, be enough, and dare greatly. It’s about creating a way to be and live that honours who we are and where we come together for the greater good of all of us. This is closely linked to my passion of creating a more inclusive world without shaming and blaming each other – where we leverage the full potential of each individual and the diversity of all people.

What/who inspires you – and why?

People who give and share with other people without being strategic about it – people who dare to put themselves out there to make a difference – people who follow their passion and allow others to do the same.

What did you feel, when you found out that you had been chosen to do a TEDx talk?

I felt so proud and humble. And really excited in the hope that spreading my idea will help facilitate a paradigm shift in how we create more inclusiveness and equality.