TEDxAarhus 2018: We have a theme – and we’re looking for speakers!

Friends of TEDxAarhus!

In 2016 we took you To the Moon and Back. In 2017 we went Into the Wild. This year we will not need to travel as far to take you on an inspiring journey. On October 6 we are back for the third year in a row, and this time we invite you to Look Closer.

Look closer at the world. Is everything as you thought it would be? As it should be? Look closer at the people around you. And at yourself. Dare to challenge your first impressions and assumptions. Your whole world could change, if you only look closer.

Together we can zoom in on the magnificent details of everyday things. Or we can take a step back to take a closer look at the whole. Maybe looking closer means changing your perspective entirely? Maybe it’s not even about looking. Maybe, to take a closer look, you need to listen. To feel. To taste. To analyse. And to interpret.

Looking closer might be the biggest journey, we have yet to take.

But first, we need your help finding speakers!

We want to find the perfect speakers, hosts and performers for TEDxAarhus 2018! Do you know somebody with an idea worth spreading, or do you have one yourself?

Then we’d love for you to join us at TEDxAarhus, the largest stage in Denmark for ‘ideas worth spreading’. We are proud to be among the top 5% of TEDx events in the world and we are even more proud to do it together with you!

In the past our most memorable speakers have come from all levels of experience. We are here to help you bring out your best with coaching, practice, and lots of hard work.

Let’s zoom in on the magnificent details surrounding us – or zoom out to take a closer look at the whole world. We can look closer at data, at nature, at culture, at ourselves, at anything.

We want to challenge our assumptions and experience new perspectives. The theme itself can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and we encourage you to do exactly that.

So… What are you waiting for?
Nominate a speaker, a host or a performer now!