TED 2016: Dream. What to expect?

We are just a few days away from experiencing the talks of TED 2016 all the way from Vancouver! TED is rocking our world since 1984, when their first Conference took place, (although, TED, as an online phenomenon, started only in 2006). Quite evidently, TED popularity is still going strong and every year it keeps on surprising us with the new speakers, ideas and performances. So, what is waiting for us this year?

Quoting from the official TED blog: “The TED Conference always celebrates dreams. Not the fluffy, snoozy kind — but the big, bold, beautiful visions that have the potential to send ripples of change out into the world. That’s why the theme of TED2016 is: Dream. “

So, who will be the big dreamers sharing their visions and starting those ripples of change TED talked about? There will be 65 speakers on the main stage of TED, that is if you disregard the TED fellows, the audience members giving speeches and the performers.

The programme of the conference is divided into 11 sessions, each with different sub-topic. Each session has, at least, a few names which do not require an  introduction, such as, the former Vice President Al Gore, the “MythBusters” host Adam Savage, famous singer and composer John Legend,  or “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes.


On February 18, the curious people of Aarhus will have their own chance to hear TED voice from Vancouver. TEDxAarhusLive will stream one of the sessions directly to you while you sit in the comfortable chairs of Navitas auditorium and enjoy a glass of wine from Grappa. Let’s take a closer look what are you going to hear on Thursday:

  • Adam Savage. Although most of us know Adam primarily as “MythBusters” host, he brings to the table much more than that. Before working with Discovery Channel, Adam  worked as a special­-effects artist, fabricator and modelmaker on films such as Galaxy Quest and the Matrix sequels, as well as Episodes I and II of the Star Wars series.
  • Cédric Villani. If a guy is called “the Lady Gaga of Mathematics”, that it is enough reason for me to want to see his talk. However, Villani’s fame has nothing to do with performance, his work is based resolving difficult problems of kinetic theory, for which he received the Fields Medal in 2010.
  • So Percussion. “Percussion ensemble building a new canon of modern avant-garde percussion music”. Indeed, So has a number of collaborations and impressive repertoire to brag about (also the fact that they can play amplified cactus). Thus, forget what you know about percussion so far and patiently wait for their performance.
  • Joe Gebbia. Joe is the founder of Airbnb. The heart, eyes and brains of the company which transformed hospitality industry and the way we travel. What is more, Airbnb created an economy for millions of people around the world.
  • Travis Kalanick. Here we have the CEO of another world-changing business. Travis is the founder of one of the fastest growing companies in the world – Uber. Uber is changing the way we access our cities. It keeps on reinventing urban transportation and conquering the world despite the cultural challenges.
  • Haley Van Dyck. Haley helped found the U.S. Digital Service, designed to improve digital service and federal websites. She’s building a team of tech experts to improve the usefulness, user experience, and reliability of America’s most important services. The team is already making a difference on services that matter most to citizens: from healthcare to immigration to veterans’ benefits.

For further information about the speakers please visit TED 2016 programme.

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See you soon and stay inspired!