Miranda Kane is speaking at TEDxAarhus 2017!

It is with great pleasure that we can reveal Miranda Kane as a speaker for TEDxAarhus 2017!

Miranda is a comedian and former plus-size sex-worker. She uses her comedy and storytelling to change the public’s opinons on sex-workers, helping them to work in safety and without fear of persecution. Furthermore, she also takes part in debates and events to promote the decriminalisation of sex-workers.

At TEDxAarhus 2017 Miranda will talk about how she uses play to communicate and relate to people, ultimately trying to break down prejudices and overcome stigma. She wants the audience to take a leap into the wild with her, as they are being challenged on their prejudices against sex-workers.

We are looking forward to experiencing Miranda’s talk on September 3oth, and hope you are too!

Read more about Miranda here.