Meet the hosts of TEDxAarhus 2018: Look Closer

Julie Krog Vistisen – Debate Moderator and Conversation Facilitator at Livemagasinet

Julie loves to dance (or move her body in general), sing and take a cold dip in the sea – in any season of the year. She has lived in Aarhus for ten years and she loves how the city connects all sorts of people and always has something to offer, even though it is a small and cozy city.

– Even though we look VERY close at something, we might not always find a meaning, reason or the motivation behind it. So even though we do not know the answer to WHY wonders, miracles and other great things do happen, they sure are miracles, no matter how close or distant we might look. Just because they are.

Phil Hall – Content producer at Designit

Phil is interested in making films, animations, radio and chocolate – which he also enjoys to eat and has strong opinions on. He loves to travel and explore, and has a big collection of rocks. Phil is “as British as fish ‘n’ chips” (according to himself), but has lived in Aarhus for six years now.

– For me, looking closer is about being curious. About wanting to discover something or see things from a different perspective. It’s not only putting on a zoom lens.

This is the third year Phil has been involved with TEDxAarhus, and he is excited about his role as one of the hosts.