How do you interpret “Into the Wild”?

With the theme of TEDxAarhus 2017, “Into the Wild”, officially launched, we decided to take some time to reflect. Not only on what the theme means to us, but what it means to you — that is, to the everyday person. With this in mind, we decided to ask three people about what this year’s theme means to them, and perhaps most interestingly, what their wild prediction for 2017 is.


How do you interpret this year’s theme, “Into the Wild?”

My first association with the theme ”Into the Wild” brings me back to my first solo backpacking experience: Heading into the Australian Wilderness a.k.a. the outback. This very literal association though doesn’t fully capture it all: The wilderness of today`s society often lies in the unexpected and unplanned events that “shock” the everyday routines.

Everything that is not planned seems a trip “Into the Wild” in these days that are dominated by constant connectivity, perpetual productivity and schedules that hardly ever allow for a re-energizing moment. Being different than the standard, acting away from the routine and breaking out of habits is wild. Small events can catapult one in a whole new setting, unexpected, unknown, the needs to be explored: the wilderness of modern society.

What is your wild prediction for 2017?

This is more of a hope, rather than a prediction, that Brexit will undo itself.


How do you interpret this year’s theme, “Into the Wild?”

Disregarding the fact that majority of people would instantly have Alexander Supertramp and his adventures with an unfortunate ending pop up in their head, I think ‘Into the wild’ could be associated with two other meanings. Firstly, I would think about leaving all your unnecessary belongings and venturing out of the city: maybe going camping or hiking, or even living of the grid. Usually for the purposes of getting back to your roots, relaxing, forgetting the stress and the fast paced lives we lead, maybe even rediscovering and challenging yourself?

Secondly, and this is not such a beautiful picture, as an anxious person I could always use this “Into the Wild” expression to refer to going to the city, mingling and socializing, and following and breaking rules, and traffic, and loud noises, and all this hectic city life. No wonder we refer to it as a “concrete jungle”, everyone is trying to survive and fight for themselves. Everything has to be instant and fast, and I think it is a bit scary.

What is your wild prediction for 2017?

My wildest prediction for 2017 would be that finally someone will admit that aliens have actually been visiting Earth for a long time now.


How do you interpret this year’s theme, “Into the Wild?”

I had the opportunity to attend TEDxAarhus last year. And compared to the “To the Moon and Back” theme, it is just as interpretive and doesn’t give up too much, leaving a lot to your imagination, I think there’s a lot of opportunity in the theme. I think the focus will be about how we will live in the future, what we are exploring now, and maybe something about the ferocity of people. In one way the theme is similar to last year’s, where both are headed “where no one has gone before”. It’s a cool title.

What is your wild prediction for 2017?

I predict that this will be the year we find, receive, or discover signals from alien life.

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