Dare to test your vision?

You might already know this, but this week was very special for us – we finally revealed the visual theme for TEDxAarhus 2018, which is something we’ve been working on for a while now. What is a visual theme, you ask? Well, it is the graphics that we are going to use for… pretty much everything relating to this year’s event. Postcards, posters, programmes, online banners, everything like that. So it’s actually a pretty big deal for us – and you are going to see a lot of it. So we really hope you like it as much as we do!

Have you not seen it yet?

Then you should definitely look closer now…

… Ready for it?



Do you dare to test your vision? You may find little details, that you didn’t notice at first. The main objective of our theme this year – and of this poster – is to challenge you to look closer. At the world, at yourself, at the person sitting next to you.

This week, we also took a closer look at our amazing graphic designer, Pola Lisowicz (seriously, check her out – she is so cool), and her ideas behind the design.

Initially we had a meeting with all the creative minds in our organizer group. So many brilliant people in one room, and all we came up with was: Well, let’s not make it a cliché! Let’s avoid the use of magnifying glasses, illustrations of eyes, reading glasses, and so forth. Poor Pola went home with a lot of suggestions about how the visuals should not look – and very little about how it should look.

And yet, there was still that one thing left, that finally showed up in my mind: An eye chart – that I bet everyone has tried to test their eyes with at least once in their lifetime.

Pola even revealed to us, that she had a “eureka shower time” moment, when she had the idea!

Look closer at the chart, and you’ll see many characters and different stories built around the letters. Look closer at the people around you, and you’ll see just as many passions and exciting backgrounds that each of us carry beneath our happy (or sometimes grumpy) faces. It takes an effort and willingness to discover what sparks a fire in other people’s minds and hearts – and with these visuals we definitely wanted to provoke that attentive attitude towards things and others who surround us.

And also, you know… Look at the little people in the poster. Aren’t they fun?! We have an electrician, a singer, a librarian and many more – who are dealing with very human things like romance, curiosity, champagne hangovers and so on! And you should definitely keep your eyes open for more of these tiny characters, as Pola plans to make them take over our social media accounts 😉