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TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Ludvig Muren

Ludvig Muren is Professor at the Dept. of Medical Physics and the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, Aarhus University/Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. In 2009 he received the Young Elite Scientist Award from the Danish Medical Research Council. During his career he has acquired full funding for 28 PhD/postdoc projects - amounting to almost 50 million [...]

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Signe M. Hegestand

Signe M. Hegestand is an authorized Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor. In her work, she has been focusing on psychologically abusive relations for the last 5 years, because – as she says: “psychological violence is overlooked, destructive and destroying”. In the autumn she will be publishing a book about moving on after a psychologically violent [...]

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Cecilie Mai Sommer

Cecilie Mai Sommer suffers from OCD, anxiety and Borderline personality disorder, and has been seeing 12 different psychologists. Currently, she is on sick leave from her bachelor studies at Multiplatform Storytelling and Production. “I've been mentally ill for as long as I remember. Besides struggling my own battles due to my mental illnesses, I’ve had [...]

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Andreas Hougaard Laustsen

An award winning engineer and researcher, Andreas Hougaard Laustsen has developed human antibodies against toxins from venomous snakes by using modern biotechnological methods. It’s the first antibodies against toxins from the black mamba. Andreas will talk about how he has developed human antibodies against toxins from venomous snakes. This technology could potentially help save 5 [...]

TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Emma Elisabeth Holtet

We are thrilled to announce the first speaker for TEDxAarhus 2019: [re]*: Emma Elisabeth Holtet, reigning “Aarhus Poetry Slam Champion” and winner of this year’s “English Poetry Slam Copenhagen Cup". Emma is a trained performer from The London School of Dramatic Arts, and Bachelor of Arts from Copenhagen University. Curious to know how slam poetry [...]

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