2019: [re]*

[re]* is a prefix, a word-forming element, meaning “again, undoing, backwards, anew, once more”. It makes you question; shift perspectives; think outside the box; seek change.

In 2019, TEDxAarhus invited our audience to [re]think their perspective, [re]ignite their curiosity and [re]imagine their ideas as we came together for a day of live talks, performances and interactive experiences that each challenged, entertained and inspired around the theme: [re]*.

[Re]watch TEDxAarhus 2019

2018: Look Closer

TEDxAarhus 2018 encouraged our audience to Look Closer. To look closer at the world, at the people around them, and at themselves. We dared them to challenge their first impressions and assumptions.

Together we zoomed in on the magnificent details of everyday things. Took a step back to take a closer look at the whole. And explored if looking closer means changing perspectives entirely?

Look Closer at TEDxAarhus 2018

2017: Into the Wild

Since the beginning of time, people have been going into the wild and exploring the unknown – both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Into the Wild could be about exploring undiscovered land – but it could also be a gazillion other things. It could be about travelling the world, pushing your limits, breaking the rules, conquering your fears, you name it.
At TEDxAarhus 2017 we met speakers who have gone Into the Wild in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined.

Step Into The Wild

2016: To The Moon and Back

For centuries, reaching the Moon has been a utopian dream of human advancement and space travel. Although it was deemed impossible, people who worked hard on their dreams proved everybody wrong. In 2016, at the first TEDxAarhus, we heard inspirational talks about the work, passion, dedication and failures which enabled us to reach impossible dreams at To The Moon and Back.

Journey To The Moon and Back