TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Sara Andersson

Many products and services that we use in our everyday lives are conceived and designed under the rules of Human-Centered design. This is an approach to design that puts the prospective users’ needs and wants front and center, in order to conceive relevant, convenient and comfortable solutions. But today, design can and needs to do more.

“To address the complex challenges we see in the world today, we need to grow the design practice and include a systems perspective. We need to redesign the design practice, to ensure we create solutions for a future that works for all of us.” 

Sara is an award-winning industrial designer (MSc Integrated Product Design, Delft University of Technology) and the founder of her own consultancy business, with the mission to create sustainable change through design. She also participates in two different EU projects, which both focus on helping small and middle-sized enterprises develop solutions for a circular economy.

Watch Sara’s talk, titled “Redesigning design – towards a future that works for all”.