TEDxAarhus 2019 speaker: Ludvig Muren

Ludvig Muren is Professor at the Dept. of Medical Physics and the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, Aarhus University/Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. In 2009 he received the Young Elite Scientist Award from the Danish Medical Research Council. During his career he has acquired full funding for 28 PhD/postdoc projects – amounting to almost 50 million DKK.

“As a physicist working on a very hard problem, how to cure patients from cancer, I want to share my fascination of how understanding physics can be used in such a meaningful way as to treat cancer. Underneath all of this is my personal story, about how what I do at work every day is connected to my life as a young boy and what happened to me back then. I hope it will also be an inspirational story about how you can turn something as devastating as what happened in my childhood into a strength and a motivation.”

Watch Ludvig’s talk, titled “How physics is important in treating cancer”.